Z-Health Neuroathletics

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The Z-Health training concept, which originated in the USA, is an outstanding concept that has been successfully tested in practice and is based on the latest scientific findings.

The focus of this concept is the holistic view of human performance and the central control of movement via the brain. With Z-Health, Dr. Eric Cobb has created a basis for looking at movement on a deep neurological level. As a practice, we have decided to incorporate all this knowledge from elite sports and neuroathletics into our everyday practice.

This concept is combined with excerpts from classical medical training therapy. The main aim here is to support you as a patient in restoring the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system. Parallel to this, functional improvements of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and metabolic systems are also triggered.

In order to correct neural control problems, which are often the cause of discomfort, we take time to take a detailed medical history with you.  We then discuss individually what your training plan should look like and what we focus on in the training. Our holistic approach to training involves the visual, balance and proprioceptive systems and ensures better integration of all these systems.

The principle “movement and pain originate in the brain” is the basis of our training approach and is always applied by our trainers in the specific context of your medical history.

Individually adapted to each patient, the entire body is thus considered and included, from breathing to eye movements, from joint control to balance training, from scar treatment to tissue mobilization.

It is our concern to be able to offer you excellent treatment. The prerequisite for this is an understanding of higher-level neuroscientific principles and their integration into our work. In order to make this possible, our physicians and movement therapists have together completed a sound training with maximum quality.

We would be happy to advise you in a personal consultation on the extent to which the Z-Health training concept is suitable for you and your complaints.

Please call 030/202140310 to make an appointment for an individual consultation.

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