VNS Analysis

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With VNS analysis to natural stress resistance

Muscle tension, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, sleep disorders, burnout, a weakening immune system, and some chronic medical conditions can have a common cause: Constant stress. Our autonomic nervous system (VNS) is responsible for healthy reactions to stress - and stress reduction afterwards. Under constant stress, however, it gets out of balance. First sign: We feel flabby and tense at the same time. If the stress continues, there is a risk of long-term consequences for health and well-being.

VNS Analysis at Eller & Kellermann

Our holistic approach aims to strengthen your health from the ground up, instead of merely treating the symptoms. Only a thorough diagnosis – along with the appropriate treatment – can ensure vitality and well-being in the long term.

With the scientifically recognized VNS analysis, we can specifically determine whether and where exactly the autonomic nervous system (VNS) needs support.

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