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Only few viruses have kept the modern era on its toes as much as the Corona virus. From harmless courses to the urgent need of intensive medical support, the virus obviously affects each individual differently. Unfortunately, the often dramatic course of this disease is not the end of the story. Researchers know that more and more people are suffering from the late effects of covid disease, and therefore urgent action is needed to prevent long-term complications and maintain or restore quality of life. Eller & Kellermann understands the importance of adequate therapy in combating the complications of this viral disease to ensure a high quality of life for patients.

What does Post Covid mean?

Some patients – even after mild courses of covid disease – continue to suffer from the consequences of the virus for weeks. In contrast to Long Covid, which describes the symptoms up to four weeks after the disease, Post Covid is an even longer lasting complication. It describes the often polymorphic symptoms from the 12th week after the disease. Currently, there is no general definition of late complications, but physicians are aware that they can occur after covid disease. Due to the diversity of symptoms, it is necessary for different medical specialties to work closely together to provide patients with the best possible treatment. Holistic treatments should be in the focus and alleviate the often unspecific symptoms.

What are the symptoms of post-covoid patients?

Retrospective data are still sparse, as post covid is a relatively new sensation, which could be increasingly observed during the pandemic period. However, from previous analyses, some, often non-specific, symptoms have emerged that characterize the patients’ symptoms. Risk factors such as obesity or tobacco consumption seem to play a non-negligible role and sometimes aggravate the course of the disease as well as the post covid symptoms. According to current knowledge, the most common symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, but also psychological complaints such as depression or anxiety. These non-specific impairments make it difficult to attribute the symptoms to post-covid disease. Therefore, a comprehensive medical history is an indispensable step in the attribution of the complaints, because only through a correct diagnosis can a targeted therapy be initiated.

Post Covid Treatment at Eller & Kellermann

Since post covid complaints are not limited to one area of the body or one organ system, a holistic therapy is the only promising approach. Different treatment approaches allow a wide-ranging and varied Post Covid treatment of the different symptoms. It is especially important to start an adequate therapy as soon as possible in order to prevent a chronic manifestation of the Post Covid symptoms. The earlier patients receive treatment, the better the outcome.

A variety of approaches can improve subjective well-being in the long term. These include altitude training to improve performance. By boosting the synthesis of our “cellular power plants”, the mitochondria, patients generally feel fitter, are more vital and have a stronger immune system. Even seemingly trivial treatments such as nutritional counseling can have a positive impact on overall health. VNS analyses enable early detection of regulatory disorders and can subsequently also be used to evaluate the success of therapy as part of check-ups. Last but not least, bioimpedance analysis and microbiome examinations round off the range of holistic therapies and can thus lead to the desired success.

The first step towards a new quality of life is an initial consultation for post covid treatment at Eller & Kellermann, in order to determine the complaints to be eliminated and to take a comprehensive medical history. A detailed discussion of your medical history as well as any secondary diseases or risk factors will provide the necessary insight to create a treatment concept for you and to work out a therapy plan together with you. A wide variety of methods can be used to alleviate and, in the best case, eradicate post-covid phenomena. Regular check-ups ensure the success of the treatment and enable you to achieve a new quality of life – in the long term.

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