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Take the first step on the way to a healthy body and make an appointment with us for your personal training at Eller & Kellermann!

With personal training, you tailor your workout to your individual needs and abilities! With personal training, your personal trainer not only guides you to your desired figure and motivates you throughout, but also helps you achieve your health goals.
From setting up your personal training plan, to regular motivation, to analyzing your progress, personal trainers are always by your side. Our personal trainers:inside make your goals theirs.

Our dedicated coaches will be happy to advise you on the subject of personal training. From the first conversation, to a detailed history of your medical history and the creation of your personal training plan, to the regular analysis of your successes, our team is firmly at your side.

What is personal training?

In a nutshell, personal training is efficient, it promises sustainable success and health.
By creating individual training plans that are perfectly tailored to you, you maximize your training success. A personal trainer:in pays attention to the correct execution of all exercises and is at your side with advice and support. The training is therefore varied and highly efficient. Since the trainer:in concentrates completely on you at all times, incorrect movement sequences can be avoided. This protects your joints and health.

At the same time, personal trainers provide the right motivation and work with you to overcome performance plateaus, which can often lead to resignation. Constantly changing exercises, fixed appointments and a pleasant atmosphere awaken your ambition so that you feel good before, during and after each workout and remain ambitious to achieve your goals.

Who is personal training right for?

Personal training is suitable for anyone who wants to get the most out of their time and body. It doesn’t matter if you are already working out independently or are at the beginning of your journey to achieving your physical goals.
While beginners directly learn and firmly rehearse the correct movement sequences of the various exercises, even experienced athletes are always pushing their limits again through personalized training.
Mistakes that may have crept in unnoticed can be quickly corrected, and your personal trainer provides an additional boost of motivation.
Especially people with little time benefit from this kind of training, because efficiency and clearly defined goals as well as professional know-how guarantee the best possible training success in the shortest possible time.

Possible goals of personal training

Personal trainers adapt to your wishes or desired goals and always give you the best possible advice: they can help you lose weight, build up specific muscles and improve your supporting muscles. Endurance athletes are also welcome to use targeted exercises to prepare the relevant muscle groups for the high demands of competition.

If you want to burn as many calories as possible in a short time, accompanied HIIT training is a good choice. High Intensity Interval Training is characterized by the constant alternation of phases of extreme stress and recovery.
An abdominal-leg butt program is ideal for you if you want to combat the typical problem zones. For a long time now, this has not only been true for women. This training is also recommended for men to get rid of the last stubborn fat reserves on the belly.
Targeted muscle building is also a popular goal of personal training. You benefit from the many years of experience of the personal trainers, who create the perfect training plan for you. The constant adjustment of exercises and weights ensures the long-term build-up of muscle mass.
Personal training is also interesting for people who, for example, want to build up supporting muscles in certain areas after an operation or a longer period of absence due to illness. This prevents further illnesses and improves your posture.

The psychological effect of efficient training with the help of a personal trainer should also not be underestimated: With a body you feel good in, you will appear more confident and secure in everyday life. The regular sense of achievement motivates you and additionally reinforces the positive effects of personal training!

Holistic personal training at Eller & Kellermann

We are your contact for professional personal training in Berlin. We are always available for an appointment for an initial consultation.

Your personal training at Eller & Kellermann will help you to finally achieve the goals you have set for yourself for a long time. Personal training in a professional atmosphere with motivated and dedicated coaches will help you feel good about your body. We will be happy to advise you and help you achieve your goals.

Make an appointment and we will be happy to discuss all the services offered and answer your questions about personal training in a personal meeting.

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