Scar removal & scar treatment

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Manual scar after-treatment and scar debulking

Scar tissue has important functions. After surgery or injury, it quickly closes open wounds and is essential to the healing process. However, in some circumstances, scar tissue can lead to secondary problems. This can be the case if the injury was very intense. The type of injury also has a decisive influence on the scar. At this point, it is important to mentioned that the scar tissue has a completely different composition than the surrounding tissue. It is basically firmer and has less elasticity. Negative consequences for the body are not excluded in this context. Disturbances in the blood supply, signal transmission between the individual nerve cells and, last but not least, disturbances in the natural movement processes are possible. For those affected, the symptoms triggered are sometimes an enormous physical and also psychological burden. In this context, not only comprehensive scar care is recommended, but also professional scar removal, as offered by Eller & Kellermann.

Scar problems?

Scar problems are in principle not uncommon. However, the nature and extent of possible problems are very individual and varied. Aesthetic problems, for example, are very common. However, in addition to beauty flaws, scars can also cause physical and psychological impairments. Among other things, there are scars that continue to grow and spread even after the wound has healed. These are often associated with considerable itching and pain. In addition, there are also scars that contract particularly tightly and thus also significantly restrict the mobility of the affected person. Such scar problems are frequently observed after burns. They can also affect adjacent tendons and joints. In addition, there are many other problems that can be treated by scar removal. Eller & Kellermann offers professional scar removal for aesthetic problems as well as for pain, limited mobility or other symptoms.

Causes of scar disorders

The causes of scar disorders are not always clear. At least it is known today that scars can act as an “interference field” in the course of disturbed wound healing. In this case, the smallest nerve endings in the area around the scar are in a permanently excited state, whereby they permanently send out impulses to neighboring regions. Through higher-level nerve centers, it is also possible for these disturbed nerve endings to send out interference impulses to distant areas of the body. Various problems in the entire region around the scar are sometimes the result. These problems include, for example, circulatory disturbances, muscle tension, numbness, feelings of tension or pain.

For whom is this therapy useful?

Scar removal is suitable for different groups of people. It is especially recommended for people who:


Für wen ist diese Therapie sinnvoll?

Die Narbenentstörung bietet sich für unterschiedliche Personenkreise an. Besonders empfehlenswert ist sie für Personen, die:

  • suffer from scar-related pain
  • suffer from itching around the scar
  • have feelings of tension around the scar
  • suffer from movement restrictions due to the scar
  • have aesthetic problems
  • struggle with scar growths

The procedure of scar removal

The procedure of scar removal is very individual and depends on the type of scar as well as its size and other factors. After an extensive and intensive diagnosis, the actual treatment begins, which can consist of various connective tissue techniques or manual longitudinal and transverse stretching, for example. We will discuss which method is suitable in a personal consultation. We will also be happy to explain the individual steps that are necessary for effective scar removal.

Manual scar aftercare and scar removal at Eller & Kellermann

If you are suffering from your scars and would like manual scar aftercare and scar removal, Eller & Kellermann is your contact. Contact us today and make a personal appointment at our practice in Berlin. Together we will take care of your scar aftercare and scar removal.

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