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INUSpheresis® Center ELLER KELLERMANN HEINISCH in the heart of Berlin

In this age of massively increasing toxic stress, relief is the basis of every therapy. As a certified INUS partner, we are one of the few centers in Germany to offer this innovative treatment method as part of our holistic therapy concept.

Why INUSpheresis®?

INUSpheresis® is a blood plasma purification to remove disease-causing substances and environmental toxins. By relieving the human body, Inuspheresis helps to strengthen the immune system and the body’s own self-healing powers.
The use of the most modern intelligent filter systems guarantees a gentle detoxification that is individually tailored to the patient and at the same time “effective”.
The method used has the advantage of eliminating not only toxins absorbed from outside, but also allergens, metabolic waste products, inflammatory messengers, infection toxins and harmful proteins. Only pathogenic components are filtered from the plasma, while other healthy components are returned to the body. The treatment is gentle and has few side effects and can be performed on an outpatient basis (takes about 2-3 hours).

What is INUSpheresis®?

For an environmental medical effects have been added to the original methodology (Cemopheresis®), with the INUSpheresis®, the removal of pathological proteins and immune complexes, metabolic waste products, infection toxins, allergens and inflammatory messengers. Thus, INUSpheresis® is a biophysical elimination procedure with a closed blood/plasma circuit based on the laws of thermodynamics.

The procedure itself has been known in traditional medicine for years and is mainly used as lipid apheresis. INUS was the first institution to use this procedure specifically for chronic time illnesses and diseases of environmental medicine.

Mode of operation and procedure

INUSpheresis® filters out pathogenic structures in the blood and tissues that are difficult to remove through normal detoxification by the body. In this way, pathologically altered protein particles and those loaded with toxins (such as heavy metals, pesticides and solvents) can be removed from the blood. In addition, antigen-antibody reactions, so-called spent immune complexes and autoimmune complexes, as well as messenger substances and bacterial debris, originating from inflammations, infections and chronic pain conditions, can be removed by this methodology.
The filtered-out residues are then subjected to chemical and biochemical analyses to measure excreted toxin levels and plasma residues. In this process, INUSpheresis® is not a plasma exchange and does not result in significant loss of electrolytes or immune bodies. This procedure and the certification as INUSpheresis Center Berlin is an innovative part of the concept of our private practice.
Blood is collected and returned via arm veins, or via a central venous catheter with special cannulas. One treatment takes about 2 hours. The results of the analysis are used for the later control of the course of treatment as well as the anamnesis of disease backgrounds and the conception of a holistic individual treatment plan.
INUSpheresis® is a gentle procedure, which is very well tolerated and hardly burdens the organism. The pathogenic substances are filtered out and the purified plasma is returned to the body with all its good components.
INUSpheresis® is one of the strongest possibilities of cause research and cause therapy.
With INUSpheresis® blood washing we achieve several goals at the same time: We specifically wash out environmental toxins from the blood that trigger disease and inflammation. In addition, we reduce inflammatory mediators such as CRP or TNF-a per INUSpheresis®. We also filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies. Thus, we do not counteract the phenomenon of autoimmune diseases, which is increasing very strongly worldwide, with side-effect-rich “anti”-drugs, but rather remove their triggering factors and their pathogenic reaction substances in a targeted manner.

The benefits of INUSpheresis® are most clearly illustrated by the example of autoimmune, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis(RA) and polyneuropathy.

In these cases, circulating immune complexes are reduced. Many rheumatism patients notice significant improvements in their mobility and a marked reduction in pain after just one INUSpheresis®.

The significance that environmental toxins can have is often evident in TILT (toxic intolerance syndrome). Clinical hypersensitivity to various chemicals often decreases as one relieves the body of everyday and ubiquitous environmental toxins.

In the case of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), if it is caused by latent chronic inflammation, it is also often possible to experience the significance of the inflammation-causing agents, which are washed out with INUSpheresis®.

For whom is INUSpheresis® useful?

INUSpheresis® helps the body to rid itself of harmful metabolic products, such as:

  • Lipids such as cholesterol,
  • pathogenic proteins (paraproteins, tumor-associated proteins, circulating immune complexes, pathoproteins, haptens)
  • protein-bound toxic substances (environmental toxins)
  • fat soluble toxic substances (environmental toxins)
  • complex infectious toxins
  • pathogenic antibodies
  • inflammatory substances (CRP, TNF-a)

INUSpheresis® has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for people as a preventive measure, but also as an acute measure. Thus, this treatment can be used for the following clinical pictures and areas, among others:

  • Long Covid
  • Desire for children
  • Rheumatism
  • Fatigue Syndrome
  • Post / Long Covid
  • Genetic dispositions
  • Alzheimer Dementia Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic Hepatitis C
  • EPH Gestosis
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Multiple Chemical
  • Hypersensitivity Syndrome (MCS)
  • Hyperbilirubinemias
  • Hemophilia
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • for the removal of environmental stresses from an environmental pheresis®.
  • for the removal of nervous system/ CNS stresses from a Neuropheresis®
  • for the removal of various cardio and vascular risk factors of the CNS from a VAD Apheresis®
  • For the removal of cardiac risk factors from a lipid apheresis

Through this procedure, the deregulated metabolism/ inflammatory cascade or immune system returns to its natural balance (so-called metabolism/immunomodulation).
Different overall concepts are applied to the patient for different stresses. Specific infusions as well as pre- and post-therapies are used.

INUSpheresis® at Eller Kellermann HEINISCH in Berlin

Make an appointment at Eller & Kellermann for your INUSpheresis®. We will also be happy to inform you in a free consultation. Contact us by e-mail at with your questions and to make an appointment.
INUSpheresis® is a self-pay service!

Costs of INUSpheresis®

Basically, two INUSpheresis® are recommended at intervals of 48 hours. We charge 2218 € per INUSpheresis®. The costs for INUSpheresis® are purely self-paying, as the costs for this special therapy cannot be covered by GOÄ figures. In addition, there are costs for medical care before and after INUSpheresis®, laboratory costs and costs for individual infusion concepts. These are mapped via GOÄ and material cost blocks and can be submitted to the private cost units. Here, the costs range from 300 € to 800 €. Costs for laboratory tests are invoiced directly by the laboratory and are not included in the total cost block.
Installment payments are possible at any time upon request!

Are you interested in this therapy? Then send us an e-mail to or leave your request by phone at 030/202140310.

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10117 Berlin

Qualifikationen / Behandlungsspektrum

  • LNB-Therapeut
  • Kinder Osteopathie


  • INUSpherese
  • extracorporale Blutreinigung
  • regionale und peridurale Anästhesie

BSc. Osteopathie

Qualifikationen / Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Osteopathie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB


  • Allgemeinmedizinische Diagnostik, Therapie und Beratung bei aufgetretenen Gesundheitsstörungen
  • Gesundheitsberatung/ Vorsorgeuntersuchung
  • Impfungen ( auch reisemedizinische Beratung)
  • Akupunktur A-Diplom
  • Manuelle Medizin


Funktionelle Medizin
• Mikrobiomdiagnostik und individuelle Mikrobiomtherapie
• Behandlung bei Leaky Gut
• Herzfrequenzvarianzanalyse
• Ernährungsmedizin
• Orthomolekulare Therapie mit individuellem Infusionskonzept
• mitochondriale Medizin
• Longevity
• Biohacking

Jährliche Check-up-Untersuchungen:

Ultraschalluntersuchung des Abdomens und der Schilddrüse
• psychosomatische Grundversorgung
• Impfungen
• Behandlung von akuten und chronischen Erkrankungen
wie beispielsweise:
• akute Atemwegserkrankungen
• Heuschnupfen
• Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen
• Übergewicht bis Adipositas
• Diabetes-Früherkennung bis manifester Diabetes mellitus Typ2
• Bluthochdruck


  • Rheumatische Erkrankungen, Arthrosen und Rückenschmerzen
  • Neuralgien (Ischias, Schultersyndrom und Gesichtsneuralgie)
  • Sportverletzungen und Überlastungsschäden
  • Rezidivierende und chronische Infektionen (Atemwegsinfekte, HNO-Infekte, Asthma, Bronchitis, Mandelentzündungen, Nierenentzündungen, Allergien)
  • Durchblutungs- und Wundheilungsstörungen
  • Krampfadern
  • Migräne und Kopfschmerzen
  • Stress, Erschöpfungszustände, Depressionen, Schlafstörungen, Potenzstörungen, Nervosität
  • Schmerzsyndrome, Menstruationsbeschwerden, Gastritis, Gallen- und Darmkoliken, Harnblasenschmerzen und Nierenkoliken
  • Raucherentwöhnung

Schönheit und Wohlbefinden:

  • Cellulitis, Durchblutungsstörungen, Fettreduktion
  • Haarausfall
  • Mesolift - Mesopeel - Mesobotox
  • Schwangerschaftsstreifen
  • Anti-Aging-Programme
  • Facharzt für Orthopädie
  • Facharzt für Unfallchirurgie
  • Sozialmedizin


  • psychosomatische Grundversorgung
  • manuelle Therapie
  • Osteopathie
  • TCM (Tuina und Akupunktur)
  • Röntgen Skelettdiagnostik
  • Fitness Trainerin A und B Lizenz
  • Functional Trainerin / Functional Group Trainerin
  • Personal Trainerin
  • Physiotherapeutin
  • Food Coach A-Lizenz
  • Ernährungstrainerin
  • Trainerin für Gewichtsmanagement

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Personal Training
  • Medizinische Trainingstherapie
  • Functional Training
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening)
  • Ernährungsberatung (u.a. Gewichtsmanagement, Darmgesundheit, Diabetestraining Nahrungsergänzung)
  • Medizinische Trainingstherapeutin
  • Lizenzierte medizinische Trainingstherapeutin
  • Lizenzierte Personal Trainerin
  • Fitnesstrainer A und B Lizenz
  • Neuroathletiktraining:
    R-Phase, S-Phase, T-Phase, Next Evolution, Speed, Structure

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Wirbelsäulengymnastik
  • Myofasziale Engpassdehnung
  • Personal Training
  • Medizinische Trainingstherapie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Z-Health Performance Master Practitioner
  • Heilpraktiker
  • Osteopath

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Osteopathie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB
  • Heilpraktikerin
  • M.Sc. Osteopathie
  • Zertifizierte Kinderosteopathin

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Osteopathie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB
  • FDM nach Typaldos
  • Schwerpunkt CMD
  • Schwerpunkt Kinder und Säuglinge
  • Heilpraktikerin 
  • Osteopathin

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Osteopathie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB
  • Physiotherapeutin
  • Osteopathin
  • Neuroathletiktraining:
    R-Phase, I-Phase, T-Phase

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Sporttherapie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB
  • Osteopathie
  • Physiotherapeut
  • Sekt. Heilpraktiker
  • Osteopath
  • Neuroathletiktraining:
    R-Phase, I-Phase, T-Phase

Qualifikationen/ Behandlungsspektrum:

  • Sporttherapie
  • Schmerztherapie nach LNB
  • Bewegungstherapie nach LNB
  • Functional Patterns
  • Osteopathie
  • Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin


  • Akupunktur
  • Psychosomatische Grundversorgung


  • Allgemein-internistische Prävention
  • Funktionelle Medizin
  • Orthomolekulare Medizin mit individuellen Infusionstherapien
  • Mitochondriale Medizin
  • Check-Up- und Routineuntersuchungen unter zeitnaher Einbeziehung anderer Fächer
  • Abdomen- und Schilddrüsen Ultraschall
  • “Streß-Test“: Messung des vegetativen Nervensystems mittels Herzratenvariabilität
  • Abklärung und Therapie des metabolischen Syndroms mit Möglichkeit der stationären Aufnahme
  • Diabetes-Früherkennung bis Therapie des manifesten Diabetes mellitus
  • Fettstoffwechselstörungen
  • Fettleber bis portale Hypertension, Abklärung erhöhter Leberwerte, Leberzirrhose
  • arterielle Hypertonie
  • Herz-/Gefäßerkrankungen
  • akute Atemwegs- und Gastrointestinalerkrankungen
  • Laktoseintoleranz/Laktosemaldigestion
  • Fruktoseintoleranz/Fruktosemalabsorption
  • Dünndarmfehlbesiedelung
  • Impfungen
  • H2-Atemtests
  • Facharzt für Orthopädie/ Unfallchirurgie
  • Z- Health Movement Reeducation Specialist:
  • Facharzt für Orthopädie / Unfallchirurgie
  • Facharzt für Chirurgie
  • Spezielle Unfallchirurgie
  • Ausgewiesener Experte der Gesellschaft für Fußchirurgie (GFFC)
  • Z- Health Movement Reeducation Specialist:
    R-Phase, I-Phase, T-Phase, S-Phase, Structure, Speed


  • Spezielle Schmerztherapie
  • Akupunktur
  • Sportmedizin
  • Manuelle Therapie
  • Rheumatherapie
  • Facharzt für Orthopädie/ Unfallchirurgie
  • Spezielle Schmerztherapie
  • Ausgewiesener Experte der Gesellschaft für Fußchirurgie (GFFC)
  • Z- Health Movement Reeducation Specialist:
    R-Phase, I-Phase, T-Phase, S-Phase, Structure, Speed


  • Spezielle Schmerztherapie
  • Akupunktur (Diplom: A + B)
  • Osteopathie
  • Manuelle Therapie
  • Notfallmedizin
  • Röntgen Skelettdiagnostik