Osteoporosis therapy

According to estimates, over five million people in Germany are affected by bone loss (osteoporosis). But only one in three of the patients knows that.

This shows that the disease does not cause any symptoms for a long time. At some point, however, a fracture occurs – even under light strain – often on the pelvis, spine or forearm. Early diagnosis is therefore important in order to stop the disease. It does not only occur in old age but can also affect young people as a metabolic disease. Regular check-ups are therefore recommended, especially for women who are affected four times more frequently than men.

Information about a given disease can be obtained by measuring bone density, for example, but an anamnesis interview is also important. Clinical measurements, x-rays or ultrasound examinations also help with diagnostics. The treatment depends on the stage of the disease and individual factors. There are numerous medications that can reduce the risk of fractures. Of course, the patient's lifestyle also plays a role: exercise, sunlight (for vitamin D formation) and a calcium-rich diet are important. If a fracture occurs due to osteoporosis, surgical intervention is usually necessary. We advise you comprehensively on your osteoporosis risk and, if necessary, on advisable countermeasures.