Conservative arthrosis therapy

Arthrosis is the term used to describe excessive joint wear, which is unusual for the age of the patient. 

As the disease progresses, the mobility of the joints decreases, while the pain becomes increasingly unbearable. The knee is most frequently affected by arthrosis. The exact origin of this widespread disease is still not fully understood. The trigger can be an intensive strain (as with competitive athletes), overweight, or a congenital or accidental malposition with the resultant unequal load distribution. As secondary arthrosis, the disease also occurs as a result of joint inflammation.


In addition to a thorough anamnesis, an x-ray is usually necessary and sufficient for diagnosis. As once lost cartilage tissue does not grow back again, early detection of the disease is of particular importance. Arthrosis cannot be cured completely, it can only be suspended, and its consequences contained. Conservative treatments (in addition to regular exercise, muscle building and weight reduction if necessary) include physical therapy, remedial gymnastics or cold/ heat treatments. In addition, medication can reduce pain and stimulate cartilage regeneration. Hyaluronic acid or cortisone can also be injected if indicated. However, surgical intervention, such as arthroscopy, cartilage transplantation or the insertion of a prosthesis, is often recommended. We will of course advise you comprehensively on the suitability of the various treatment approaches for your diagnosis.