Hyaluron therapy / double-chamber hyaluron

In arthrosis, the joint cartilage is subject to significant changes. This has a significant influence on lubrication and shock absorption in particular. In addition, the cartilage surface becomes more susceptible to injury, increasingly loses elasticity and can no longer fulfil its original function within the joint structures.

The consequences are limited mobility in the area of the affected joint, an increased swelling tendency as well as functional or stress pain in everyday life.

This wear process can be counteracted by targeted, conservative treatments. In most cases one speaks of a hyaluronic acid therapy, an infiltration treatment within the affected joint.

For years, synthetically produced hyaluronic acid has been injected to improve joint function. This relieves the existing joint cartilage and helps to avoid or delay joint replacement surgeries (e.g. total knee endoprosthesis).

In the field of hyaluronic acid therapy there is a multitude of different hyaluronic acid preparations, which differ in their dosage intensity and duration of effect. In addition to conventional hyaluronic acid administration, we use in our practice the double-chamber hyaluron, which differs in its molecular composition from the other preparations.

We will be delighted to discuss with you whether this form of treatment for cartilage damage makes sense for your condition, what the risks are, and what the chances of success of the treatment are, as part of an appointment in our practice at Leipziger Platz.